PRES 2019

The 22nd Conference on Process Integration. Modelling, and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction was held in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece.

We have been present with three contributions:

Michael  Harasek, Benjamin  Lukitsch, Paul  Ecker, Christoph  Janeczek, Martin Elenkov, Thomas Keck, Bahram Haddadi, Christian Jordan, Susanna Neudl, Claus Krenn, Roman Ullrich, Margit Gfoehler: "Fully resolved computational (CFD) and experimental analysis of pressure drop and blood gas transport in a hollow fiber membrane oxygenator module"; Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 193-198

Sharifian Seyedmehdi, Asasian-Kolur Neda, Harasek Michael (2019): "Process Simulation of Syngas Purification by Gas Permeation Application"; Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, p. 829-834

Miltner Martin, Beisl Stefan, Miltner Angela, Adamcyk Johannes, Gaspar Rita, Capelo Sofia, Harasek Michael, Friedl Anton (2019): "Application of Membrane Separation for Cleaning and Concentration of Nanolignin Suspensions in a Biorefinery Environment"; Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, p. 133-138.