Pervaporation test unit

Laboratory test bench for the analysis of single-stage pervaporation with a capacity of up to 200l/h.

This unit is currently used for the recovery of solvents from dilute aqueous solutions (e.g. ABE fermentation) as well as for the enrichment of highly valuable substances from the food and beverage sector.


  • Preheating of the feed mixture to the membrane up to 70°C
  • Slots for flat sheet membrane module as well as hollow-fiber modules
  • Analysis possibility of diverse membrane materials (currently PDMS and POMS)
  • Permeate pressure ranging from 10mbar(a) to 1bar(a)
  • Permeate total condensation by freezing in liquid nitrogen
  • Analysis of liquid samples from feed, retentate and permeate by GC and HPLC

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