RO/NF plant

Three-staged pilot plant for pressure-driven membrane separation processes for liquid mixtures.

Design capacity of 250l/h of fresh substrate and operating pressures of 64bar (first stage, currently equipped with reverse osmosis membranes) and 40bar (second and third stage, currently equipped with nanofiltration membranes). Initially, this plant has been developed for the demonstration of a novel, in-house-developed process for sugar thin juice concentration without multi-effect evaporation.



  • 500 liter feed reservoir tank, stirred and heated, weight measurement using scales
  • 200 liter hot water reservoir for intermediate heating using heat exchangers
  • Three stages, each with a high-pressure feed pump and a recirculation booster pump
  • Coriolis-MassFlowMeters for precise measurement of flow, density and temperature
  • Fully automated operation and data acquisition

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