SHOCOTEC – gas desulphurization unit

Pilot scale demonstration plant for a novel, in-house-developed process for desulphurization for energy-rich gases containing also carbon dioxide.

Design capacity of up to 200 m³(STP)/h and typical operating pressures of around 1.5 bar(a). This plant has been constructed to develop and demonstrate our novel process for the desulphurization of biogas.


  • Novel short-time-contacting concept with high separation selectivity and compact size
  • Chemical-oxidative scrubbing using water, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide
  • Contact apparatus size reduction factor > 10
  • High selectivity H2S/CO2
  • High flexibility for fluctuating sulphur freights
  • Automated dosing of chemicals needed for the desulphurization
  • Fine spray of absorbent liquid, contacting device, droplet separator, oxidation chamber and effluents discharge
  • Fully automated operation and data acquisition
  • Mobile standalone plant for operation in the field

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