ISB 2021

The 28th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics was held as a Digital Congress in Stockholm, Sweden from July 25th to 29th 2021.

Paul Ecker, Markus Pekovits and Christoph Janeczek presented three contributions at the ISB 2021:

Christoph Janeczek, Benjamin Lukitsch, Paul Ecker, Martin Elenkov, Bahram Haddadi, Christian Jordan, Alexander Aloy, Michael Harasek, Margit Gfoehler: "O2-Enrichment Device Based on Membrane Separation for Early Phases of Respiratory Insufficiency"

Markus Pekovits, Paul Ecker, Benjamin Lukitsch, Bahram Haddadi, Matthias Golda, Michael Harasek , Margit Gfoehler: "Production of Micro-Structured Hollow Fiber Membranes for Membrane Oxygenators – Mimicking Nature to Increase Mass Transport"

Paul Ecker, Markus Pekovits, Benjamin Lukitsch, Martin Elenkov, Christoph Janeczek, Bahram Haddadi,
Margit Gfoehler, Michael Harasek: "Micro- structured Hollow Fiber Membranes – Reducing the Main Transport Resistance in Membrane Oxygenators"




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