19th PRES - Prague, 2016

The 19th Conference on process integration, modelling and optimisation for energy saving and pollution reduction took place in Prague in late August 2016. The number of accepted submissions of the research group was very high as the conference's topics matched the focus of the research group perfectly. Dr. Michael Harasek, head of the research group, showed results of a "Fully resolved CFD simulation of a hollow fiber membrane module", offering in depth analysis of transport phenomena. Werner Liemberger and Markus Groß focused on the topic of H2 in the context of power-to-gas systems. While the former presented an approach for the " Extraction of green hydrogen at fuel cell quality from mixtures with natural gas", Markus Groß focused on the financial aspects of such a system by showcasing an "Economic and location analysis of hydrogen extraction facilities for use in a Power to Gas framework". Also researching the highly interesting power-to-gas topic is Florian Kirchbacher, who gave a spech about "Demonstration of biogas methanation combined with membrane-based gas-upgrading in a promising Power-to-Gas-concept". Last but not least, Dr. Martin Miltner talked about "Selected methods of advanced biogas upgrading" giving a very good overview about both, the newest work done in our research group as well as possible routes for the future of biogas upgrading.

In general, the conference proved to be very succesfull as the conference's topics led to interesting and in-depth discussions about the presentations held by our group members but also offered a wide variety of other topics that need to be tackled in the future.

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