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Makaruk A, Miltner M, Harasek M.  2011.  Energy input into recovery of renewable gaseous fuels using permeator systems equipped with polyimide membranes. International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes ICOM2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Makaruk A, Miltner M, Harasek M.  2011.  Membrane Systems for the Recovery of Hydrogen from Multicomponent Gas Mixtures Obtained in Biomass Gasification. Chemical Engineering Transactions. 25:833-838.
Miltner M.  2002.  Beurteilung der Anwendbarkeit von COSMO-RS für die Berechnung der physikalischen Gaslöslichkeit in Flüssigkeiten. Institute for Chemical, Environmental and Biological Engineering. Dipl.-Ing.:222.